• The darkest of Dark Net

    Tonight the darkest of the Dark Net episodes airs on Showtime. I wrote the show, and filmed it with my fellow producers Jenny Kubo, Nell Constantinople, and France Costrel, in the Philippines, Canada and the U.S. If you ever wanted to know exactly what the dark net is, what people are using it for, and […]
  • Dark Net premiere on Showtime

    Dark Net premiere on Showtime

    Dark Net, the docu-series that I helped develop and produce with colleagues at Part2 Pictures and Vocativ, will premiere on Showtime on Thursday, January 21 at 11 pm.  I produced the first episode, which features a young couple repurposing common apps to conduct a long-distance BDSM relationship (teaser here), and a young man in Tokyo who falls […]
  • Anna Deavere Smith

    Anna Deavere Smith

    I put together this five-minute reel of performances by the brilliant playwright/actress Anna Deavere Smith for a New Press event in her honor.  The first half shows her playing multiple characters as they react to the LA Riots of 1992, with eery resonance for today, e.g. an LAPD sergeant who laments the loss of the […]
  • New Series for Showtime

    New Series for Showtime

    I just started work on a new series for Showtime that uses the analytical tools of Vocativ to find trends and stories from the Deep Web. A few months back, I worked with the Brooklyn-based production company, Part2 Pictures, to develop the concept, and will now be working with them as a producer/director and writer […]
  • Wynton & Nicola

    Wynton & Nicola

    I recently directed a shoot with jazz legend Wynton Marsalis and classical violinist Nicola Benedetti for an upcoming documentary.  Marsalis is writing a violin concerto for Benedetti, and she is very much involved in the creation of this new work.  It was a thrill to be a fly on the wall in Wynton’s dressing room (which has a baby […]
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