• Broadway or Bust to air on PBS

    I spent July and August working on Broadway or Bust, a three-hour primetime documentary series that follows America’s best young performers to Broadway, where they strut their stuff in the National High School Musical Theater Awards. The series premiere is this Sunday night, September 9th, with subsequent episodes on the 16th and 23rd. I was […]
  • “Unburden” (a.k.a “The Perfect Mother”) in post-production

    For four days in July, I worked on set with director/DP Andrew Young, producers Susan Todd and Tamara Rabil, and an amazing crew on “Unburden” (previous title “The Perfect Mother”), the short film that I wrote based on a story by Rabil. In the film, a bedtime story turns into a mother’s confession of a […]
  • Skateboarding on Hardscrabble

    An article I wrote about writer-director Debra Granik, whose “Winter’s Bone” (2010) won four Academy Award nominations, appears here: Granik explains why, after a brush with Hollywood fame, she cleaves ever more tightly to her roots as an independent filmmaker. While doing research in the Ozarks for “Winter’s Bone,” Granik was inspired by the […]
  • Moral Philosophy Goes Viral

    An article I wrote about Michael Sandel, the rock star of moral philosophy, appears in the spring issue of Brandeis Magazine  Sandel’s latest book, “What Money Can’t Buy,” shows how market values have encroached on every aspect of our lives, and asks whether there are some things — the right to pollute, for example, in […]
  • The Perfect Mother – update

    The Jacob Burns Film Center ( has signed on as a co-producer, with Tamara Rabil and Susan Todd, of “The Perfect Mother.”  I wrote the script from a story by Rabil, and am now rewriting with director Andrew Young. Shooting is scheduled for this summer.
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