50 Ways to a Better Memory

Project Details

A millionaire cheapskate with a failing memory, Rudy lives alone in a dilapidated South Florida house.  An unemployed chef, Rene, befriends him, helping himself to the old man’s money.  When Rudy’s son, Nat, tries to protect his inheritance, Rene absconds with Rudy, taking him on a road trip into the Everglades.

Rene wants to see Eldorado Estates, Rudy’s claim to fame as a real estate developer.  But all that’s there is a wasteland where streets were laid but no houses ever built.  In his time, Rudy was a bigger con man than Rene.  They are birds of feather, fleeing Nat and the law, and having the most fun Rudy’s had in years. Through their unusual friendship, and Nat’s increasingly desperate attempts to break it up, the film explores themes of fatherhood, memory, and the dark side of the Florida Dream.

50 Ways to a Better Memory won first prize at the Cinestory Screenwriting Awards, and was selected for a reading at the Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe’s Fifth Night series.

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