Dark Net

Project Details

Dark Net is a documentary series that explores unsettling questions about how digital technology and the Internet are changing us as a species.  It’s currently airing on Showtime.  I helped develop the series with colleagues at Part2 Pictures and Vocativ, and produced two of the eight episodes.

The premiere episode, “Crush,” features a young couple using digital apps to conduct a long-distance BDSM relationship, and a young man in Tokyo who has fallen in love with a virtual girl in a dating simulation called LovePlus.

The darkest of the Dark Net episodes, “Exploit,” shows how the global demand for online child pornography has created almost irresistible pressure on children in the developing world to perform sexual acts on webcams for money.  This episode also shows how child avatars are being used to trap online predators, and to treat them.  It’s a primer on what the dark net is, what people are using it for, and at what cost to humanity.

Here are four short clips, two from each episode, courtesy of Showtime.

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