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In this half-hour comedy, Melanie is hiding from her ex-boyfriend, Doug, at the New York City apartment of her best friend.  In the middle of an all-girl poker game, Doug shows up with a sculpture of his beloved, and a gun.  Melanie explains that Doug can be violent at times, especially when he’s had wheat products.  The ensemble cast includes Welker White, Scott Cohen and Kristen Johnston, who went on to star in Third Rock from the Sun.  Guts won Best Short Film at the Long Island Film Festival in 1995, and was broadcast on public television’s New York Independents.

  • Director-Writer :

    Billy Shebar

  • Based on a play by :

    Susan Kim

  • Cast :

    Welker White, Scott Cohen, Kristen Johnston, Katie Geissinger, Claudia Fielding, Joanna Heimbold

  • Full movie :


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